About Us

Pathways is a non-profit organization working to ensure that all children have access to qualitative, developmentally appropriate, educationally stimulating child care.  Founded in 1978 by educator and activist Bea Gold, Pathways was an early leader in promoting child care programs that are inclusive of children with special needs.  Today, the founding principles guide our work as we promote strengths-based education and best practices for child development in the following ways:

Assisting Families

It is our goal to increase the access of quality child care to families in our community.  Pathways helps low income families pay for child care so they can pursue their educational and career goals.  Our child care subsidy program now reaches over 3,500 families in Los Angeles County.  

We believe it is important that children receive the same quality of care at home and when they are in the care of others.  To that end, we encourage active, effective communication between parents and child care providers and/or teachers.  We also offer parenting classes that teach techniques that can be used throughout a child’s development and growth.

Supporting Child Care Providers

Child care providers have an important job and we want to help them do it well.  We not only offer training and a library of resources for child care providers, but our referral program helps place providers with families that need them.  We currently support, train and refer over 5000 child care providers in our service area.

Caring for Children

We believe all children have the right to enter kindergarten healthy, happy and ready to learn.  We are proud of our two model child care sites (in Eagle Rock and West Hollywood) that offer innovative activities, curriculum, and therapeutic services for over 100 children of all developmental levels and abilities.


With state budget cuts looming, advocacy for programs that assist families and children with special needs are more important than ever.  Through testimonials, success stories, and data we’ve collected, we help our elected officials understand the importance of funding these programs in our community

Pathways has a staff of over 100 that reflects the cultural and linguistic diversity in our community.  We are proud to offer our services in English, Spanish, Russian, Armenian, Chinese and Korean and are continually striving to make our staff and our resources more accessible and useful.  If you have any questions or comments, we encourage you to contact us.