Find Child Care

Pathways can help you find quality child care. We offer a wealth of information and resources relating to child care, child development and parenting. In 2015 our resource & referral specialists assisted over 16,000 families.

We offer FREE child care referrals and assistance

  • Call (213) 427-2700 Mon-Friday 8am-5pm Wednesdays until 7pm Or visit Pathways.
  • Walk-ins are welcome 8am-4:30pm Wednesdays until 6:30pm
  • Referrals are based on licensed child care providers within our service area

Three steps to finding child care that meets the needs of your child and family.

Define your child care needs by asking yourself the following questions:

  • What days do I need child care? Do I need evening or weekend care?
  • Does my schedule vary from week to week?
  • Where do I want the child care setting to be? Near home, work or school?
  • What special or unique needs does my child have? Are there any special requirements for the care of my child?
  • What type of child care setting do I prefer? Structured or unstructured, multi-age or single age, small or large group?
  • Which providers support my beliefs, philosophy and/or culture
  • Do I qualify for Free or reduced cost child care? (To participate your provider must also qualify.)

Have this information available when you Search our provider database or Contact a Pathways referral specialist

Visit and evaluate several child care providers

You have many different types of child care to choose from. Some care is licensed, and some is not. Licensing does not assure quality, but it does provide guidelines for health and safety. We suggest that you visit and evaluate several child care providers. If you take the time to look carefully, you can find quality care for your child in a variety of settings.

Make a choice

Consider all you have learned from steps 1 and 2 and decide which child care provider best serves the needs of your child and family. If you would like additional information to help with your decision please call us. If you and your provider qualify for free or reduced cost child care please contact Pathways before you enroll your child. Otherwise enroll your child by contacting the provider directly.