Marks of Knowledge Club

If you attend Pathways Provider Trainings you may be eligible to join our Marks of Knowledge Club and earn special benefits

Members earn Brightmarks which they may exchange for the materials of their choice

  • Disaster Preparedness Kits
  • Play Dough Kits
  • Language Building Games
  • Outdoor Play Sets
  • Gym Mats
  • And much, much more . . .

Specific items are subject to availability.


Special Events and Special Recognition

Members may also be eligible to participate in special events such as our Marks of Knowledge Celebration Brunch.

Members who have completed more than 25 hours of trainings will receive special recognition and will earn two additional Brightmarks to acknowledge their accomplishment.

Members that attend four hours of training and receive their facility letter will receive a welcome packet which includes:

  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Baby Gate
  • First-Aid Kit
  • Family Child Care Hand book
  • Beginner’s Art Set

The following types of child care providers are eligible to join the Marks of Knowledge Club:

Licensed Family Child Care Provider, Assistant to Licensed Family Child Care Provider, Child Care Center staff, Potential Licensed Family Child Care Provider that has received a facility letter from Community Care Licensing.

All of the above provider types must reside and care for children in Pathways Service Area to be eligible.

If you are a License Exempt Provider you may care for children outside our service area but you must reside in Pathways Service Area to be eligible.


How do I become a Marks of Knowledge Club Member?

You may register at any provider training.


How Does My Membership Work?

Our Provider Training Calendar will indicate the Brightmark value of each workshop.

Registered Marks of Knowledge Club members must present their membership card at each training to receive Brightmarks.

Brightmarks will be distributed after evaluations are collected.

Brightmarks will be presented to one member per household (or license) per training.

In the case a member is not issued Brightmarks, it is the responsibility of the member to request Brightmarks from a Pathways staff at the end of the training. Brightmarks will not be issued at a later time.

Brightmarks are not replaceable or transferable.

Brightmarks are only valid for the training year specified.

Members are ineligible to receive Brightmarks and a certificate of attendance if they arrive 30 minutes after the training has begun.

Members must inform Pathways and provide proof of residency if they relocate.

Membership rules are subject to change.


The Marks of Knowledge Club is made possible by grants from CCIP and GLC.